Wine Cellar in Brick and Stone

Do you have an unfinished basment space? This design story is about a client’s unfinished basement space. The floor was unfinished concrete, walls were brick and stone and the ceiling was drywall. There were two exposed ceiling lights and one wall switch. How can century old building materials, stone and brick, inspire a design for a wine cellar?

Before pictures of unfinished basement rooms

Traditional building materials, stone and brick, are beautiful in themselves.However, if you want to elevate the natural beauty of a material that has been used in building for thousands of years, sometimes introducing a modern new material can uplift the natural beauty of each. In this wine cellar design we introduced modern industrial metals, stainless steel and copper, and modern LED lighting technology as a way illuminate each material’s natural beauty. The unfinished cellar space of stone and brick was turned into a brillliant new wine cellar with storage for 1750 bottles of wine and champagne and an area to sit for drinking and eating with 6 friends.

Century old building materials can inspire your design in unexpected ways when artfully combined with high tech modern materials.

Plans and Elevations below

Finished Wine Cellar

The Designers and Constructors: