A Floating Pool That Defies Gravity


-The Floating Vanishing Edge Pool-

How do you make a body of water feel like it is floating in space, and appearing to defy gravity?

Ans:  Hire PAIHomes, Cross River Design and JRocker Associates to design, engineer and construct your dream design.

The vanishing edge pool was designed to be elevated 14′ to the main floor of the home. The raised pool could have been a typical pool built with concrete and walk way around the pool. When you have a chance to imagine what can be instead of what has been done, you DO IT! We designed the pool with a vanishing edge therefore eliminating the need for any fencing or railing around the three sides of the pool. The vanishing edge imparted the perception that the pool had no obvious boundary containing the water. The pool appears to be floating in space.

The engineering and final design details were executed by Cross River Design. The pool is made of light weight stainless steel construction.

See the awesome Video of time lapse assembly of the three sections of the stainless steel pool.

To learn more about this project please contact Matthew Porraro. or any of the people listed below.

The Designers and Contractors: