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When Soho Meets a Traditional Stone Bank Barn you get…

…A Modern Plan within Existing Traditional Architecture I have had a design idea for years, which was to combine the modern open plan with traditional architectural design. Earlier this year I finally had the opportunity to bring to life this idea. The result is what I call “Soho meets a Stone Bank Barn”. Today we […]

Wine Cellar in Brick and Stone

Do you have an unfinished basment space? This design story is about a client’s unfinished basement space. The floor was unfinished concrete, walls were brick and stone and the ceiling was drywall. There were two exposed ceiling lights and one wall switch. How can century old building materials, stone and brick, inspire a design for […]

The PAIHomes Difference

“Good Design can make a difference – but Great Design will change your life.”   There is more than one type of value in a PAIHomes. The PAIhomes difference brings a superb value to one’s quality of life but there is an extra hidden value in a PAIHomes that most are unaware of. At PAI […]