For over thirty years, Matthew Porraro, founder of PAIHomes Consulting, has served the architectural design and building community, resulting in numerous awards for design as well as construction; featured articles in well known newspapers and magazines such as New Jersey Monthly and The New York Times; and most importantly, extremely happy clients.

Always thinking beyond the state of the art, as an architectural designer/builder, Matt fine-tuned the design-build process in an effort to bring a seamless, enjoyable home-building experience to his clients. Realizing the “disconnect” between many architects and builders, he and his company earned the reputation as the team that could deliver all that  clients wanted while staying within their budgets. Matt has said, “So many of my clients came to me, heartbroken, after they had hired an architect and brought their dream set of plans to different builders only to find that no builder could build the architect’s plan within the client’s stated budget. It always felt great to resolve this dilemma for them.”

Matt credits his early hands-on experiences in a variety of the building trades – carpentry, framing, masonry, excavation, landscaping, interior and exterior painting, interior millwork and trim, etc. – with his ability to seamlessly and effortlessly marry architectural design to the construction process.

Now, PAIHomes is proud to offer this wealth of combined experiences and expertise on a consulting basis. Contact us for more information on hourly services and/or retainer arrangements.