Making Ordinary Lighting Extraordinary!

  • Interior stairwell with 40′ tall light fixture designed and invented by Matthew Porraro.

The project shown above was an interior stair remodel. The existing stairwell had a 100 year old dumb waiter in the center of the stairs extending four floors. The new design called for the removal of the stairs and dumb waiter. The replacement stair was designed as an open stair extending four floors, from the lower level to the attic story. The dumb waiter mechanical parts were reused to create the spine for a forty foot tall light fixture. We used ordinary off the shelf Kable-Lite lighting (Tech lighting ) to extend from the dumb waiter counter weight at the lower level to the hoist and pulley system in the attic story ceiling. The low voltage lighting cables were installed vertically in two pairs 40 feet high. Each pair of cables were mechanically attached on either side of the counter weight and hoist and pulley equipment forming a slight V shaped form. The LED lighting heads themselves can be easily attached to each pair of cables from the stairs or stair platforms. The cables can hold up 40 light heads.

From Joe Higgins, the President of Techlighting, “…looks awesome…”

Kable Lite is a product sold by Tech Lighting. If You have questions please contact Matthew Porraro using this contact form.

The electrical inspector said, after the lighting fixture passed inspection, “This is the most amazing light fixture I have ever seen”

LIGHT: 40′ tall Light Fixture Made with Existing Dumb Waiter Cables and Counter Weights