Zoning and Permitting

Unable to obtain a zoning or building permit?.

  1. PAIHomes will review your proposed building plans to determine if they conform with your township’s regulations.
  2. PAIHomes will determine if you need a variance for your building plans.
  3. PAIHomes will re-present the building plans and the necessary proof of compliance to the township.
  4. PAIHomes will provide cost effective solutions to obtaining a zoning permit if you do not comply with the regulations.
  5. Because our expertise in reading and understanding building and zoning regulations, PAIHomes has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients and has saved many building projects from being discarded due to the township’s error in interpreting their zoning regulations.

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Design/Build Consultation

You have ideas and want to build but need help with next steps.

  1. PAIHomes will guide you in navigating the process of design, budgeting and construction.
  2. PAIHomes will provide you with step by step techniques to manage and optimize the design/build process.
  3. PAIHomes will evaluate your project needs and make recommendations to achieve the best design for the lowest price.
  4. PAIHomes will review your initial design and provide design recommendations.
  5. PAIHomes can review construction bids.

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Design and Design Revisions

Have you started your design and are unsatisfied with the results?

  1. PAIHomes will provide design review and identify solutions to difficult problems.
  2. PAIHomes will provide fresh innovative design ideas to improve the design.
  3. PAIHomes will re-design your project if needed.

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Construction: Review and Cost

Are you questioning the quality of the work in place or unexpected change order costs?

  1. PAIHomes will review your construction project in progress and offer strategies to control costs.
  2. PAIHomes will review existing work in progress and determine the quality of the work in place.
  3. PAIHomes will review the costs and charges for work that may be considered overbilling.
  4. PAIHomes will make recommendations to eliminate wasteful construction techniques, products and design elements.
  5. PAIHomes will provide cost cutting solutions that will optimize design, time and effort.

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Energy Efficient Design and Construction

 Are you thinking of energy efficient design?

  1. PAIHomes can walk you thru the process of creating an energy efficient design.
  2. PAIHomes will explain the value of energy efficient design and if the investment is worth the benefits.
  3. PAIHomes can suggest recommended design/build vendors who can offer the best cost saving solutions to creating an energy efficient project.

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